The mission of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC) is to conduct a program of applied and basic research on software security, system security and software technology problems of interest to its members.

The center strives to deliver practical, customized research that addresses our affiliates’ vital needs. Every S2ERC affiliate sets its own research agenda by hand-picking and customizing the research projects in which it invests. As a result, technology transfer is the hallmark of the S2ERC. Additionally, collaboration with the center often results in extraordinary economic impact, with some affiliates documenting returns on investment as high as 10-to-1.

In 1976, the National Science Foundation (NSF) established the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center Program (I/UCRC) to encourage more collaborative endeavors between academia and industry. The goal of the program was to establish self-sufficient research centers of excellence in areas of critical technology. In 2010, Ball State’s Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) and the Iowa State Center for Information Protection (CIP) combined their considerable research strengths to form the S2ERC – a single, NSF-funded I/UCRC.

Our center, in continuous operation since 1986, is the only I/UCRC devoted to security and software engineering. The center continues to grow and evolve: recently, the NSF approved Virginia Tech and Georgetown as its third and fourth primary sites, with several other universities currently in the planning stage.

S2ERC Brochure

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Joseph Zambreno
ISU S2ERC Site Director

News and Events

  • 11/11/14 – Fall S2ERC showcase in Muncie, IN
  • 07/10/14 – S2ERC Industrial Outreach Workshop in Ames, IA
  • 05/21/14 – Spring S2ERC showcase in Washington, D.C.
  • 11/13/13 – Fall S2ERC showcase in Pensacola, FL

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